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Friday, July 11th, 2008 05:08 pm
TITLE: In the Sands of Memory Remain
FANDOM: Stargate Atlantis
AU: Same AU as By Any Other Name and Pegasus Logic for Beginners, tentatively named Children of Silicon Seas, but that's up for debate.
LENGTH/RATING: 696 words WIP, PG-13, Gen
SUMMARY: "In the sands of memory remain" line from the poem 'To Atlantis' by S. R. Compton.

EDIT:Whoops! Thought I cut this before. >.<;; Sorry!!!!

They started as just dreams, odd fragments of sight and sound that seemed unnervingly out of place. Anywhere else John would have shrugged them off to stress or indigestion, but this was Pegasus and he'd taken those lessons to heart.


"So what is it?" John tried to see past Carson to the readouts but the doctor seemed determined to thwart him, abet unintentionally. "Because I'd really like to avoid another round of almost dying."

Carson snorted, "Who wouldn't?" but finally got out of John's way.

Unfortunately as soon as Carson moved away from the screen, one of the lab technicians took his place. John reminded himself that throwing things at the medical staff was not high on the list of 'ways to avoid dying', and sat back in the bed with a resigned sigh. "So?"

"There's a significant increase in synaptic activity and neuron growth --" Carson cut off John's attempted interruption with a dismissive hand wave, "but we're talking about 'significant' in normal medical terms, which means, well, 'nothing much' when you put it in context."

"So how many people are on the 'nothing much' list?" John took the painkillers from the nurse, downing them more from habit than conscious thought. "Are we looking at an epidemic or something targeted?"

"Targeted implies a directed event, and so far this seems truly random." Carson scanned the handheld, "Seventeen in total, in various stages of development."

"Any idea where we're developing to?" John closed his eyes and thought about taking a nap, he'd earned a nap hadn't he? And the medbeds were much more comfortable than he'd remembered.

Whatever Carson's answer was, it was lost in the chaos of John's dreams.


They weren't asleep anymore than they were awake, held in self-induced comas that Carson couldn't seem to break. Nothing worked, from drugs to shocks, to long hours of bedside chatter. So they waited, because there was nothing else to do.


The ancients relied on ZPMs, but war had taught them never to rest on one point of failure. Now that the city was above the waves, long dormant subroutines clicked into motion, sending code streaming from node to node and ushering her transformation.

Every outside surface churned just behind the surface and scientists scrambled to decode the changes as Atlantis rewrote her very composition. Damaged sections of the city, unexplored and unneeded, disassembled as she scavenged them for raw material. Slowly, like spring greenery pushing through the snows of winter, a creeping wave of photosynthetic cells bubbled to the surfaces. Wide spans of similar material grew slowly out over the waves, acre gossamer net that wasn't quite algae and wasn't quite machine.

And it wasn't a ZPM, but it was enough for the city to start the real repairs.


After two weeks the afflicted started to awake, one by one, in random neural spikes that settled back into normality. Carson still had no idea why or how, but the sleepers who'd returned showed no signs of damage from their adventures. As the days passed the numbers dwindled until only six remained.

And then one day, they were gone.


"Gone?" If he could have stopped what he was doing, Rodney would have, but the city had gone into some kind of mechanical seizure and it was all he and Radek could do to hold her together. "They can't be gone, wasn't someone watching them? It's not like they'd just get up and--"

Radek could curse in half a dozen languages, but the stream of consciousness from the other side of the room was nothing but Czech and that meant they didn't have time for missing persons, even if the missing persons were John, and what the hell was going on?


He wasn't sure how they'd gotten here, or when we and I and us had started to blur the lines of definition, but here they were and here she was, because suspended above the ground was a glowing, seismic, core of self that was Atlantis. Beside him, around him, with him, were his five other selves-- not counting the heartbeat of the city that pulsed through each of them.



"STARGATE ATLANTIS", "STARGATE SG1" and other related entities are owned, (TM) and © by MGM TELEVISION and DOUBLE SECRET PRODUCTION in association with GEKKO FILMS and THE SCIFI CHANNEL. All rights reserved. No copyright infringement is intended nor implied.
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