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Sunday, May 3rd, 2009 11:15 pm
Eh, this challenge is sort of stumping me, have a couple half-baked thread, but nothing that works yet. Arg. >.<;;

[DRAFT ONE - Really Rough Ideas]

DENIAL - refusing to acknowledge that an event has occurred.

They were the Good Guys. White hats and blazing six-shooters aside, they came in peace, fought the good fight, saved the world. And if the mission reports were a little too thin, a little too sparse, then that was how it had been.

AVOIDANCE - mentally or physically avoiding something that causes distress.

He didn't speak to her for days that turned into months that turned into years. It wasn't that he was bad at family, he just wasn't very good. Atlantis should have been the perfect excuse, only now he thinks of her more, not less.

REPRESSION - subconsciously hiding uncomfortable thoughts.

Alice Through the Looking Glass: "It's a poor sort of memory that only works backward."

Seriously? You've never noticed? Ever since he came back from the future he's been acting, I dunno, funny.

SUBSTITUTION - replacing one thing with another.

He used to want a Nobel Prize. To be glorified in front of peers more used to tormenting than congratulating him. But the longer he spends skimming the edge of death, the more that dream fades. Because all the things he's done, the really important things, they couldn't even begin to understand. They can have their tiny little sandbox and their shiny little medals for discovering new and interesting theories on dirt. Rodney McKay is busy Saving The World.

FANTASY - escaping reality into a world of possibility.

He doesn't worry anymore, because none of this is real. He'd had his suspicions from the first: Stargates? Wormholes? Evil Aliens Overlords? It was a bad B movie, right down to the time travel and quantum universes.

He wonders sometimes what would happen if he spoke the words aloud, but he doesn't because he might lose them, lose this, and that's more than he can bear. Even if they aren't real.


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