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Tuesday, December 11th, 2007 04:53 pm
Because Imaginary Gate Team 5, she is a silly lot... *nods solemnly*

It took a certain amount of bravery (or stupidity) to voluntarily live where the list of unknown things that could kill you far outnumbered the known. Trish flexed cold-stiffened fingers mummified inside heavy winter gloves and tried to look less miserable about the situation. The first thing you learned in Pegasus was that it was the simple things that got you in trouble. Not that the Wraith (and the Genii) ((and the Replicators)) weren't impressive enough, but those were theatrical evils. The weather was much more insidious.

"Somewhere in this godforsaken galaxy there's a Bahamas planet," Steven glared grumpily at the ice covered gate. His jacket crackling as he shifted underneath the thin blanket of crusted snow that had accumulated in the past few minutes. "And I'm going to find it."

"You're a geologist," a slightly snowier lump of marine objected, "What on earth would you do on an island?" Trish was somewhat amazed that Matt had managed to acquired quite as much snow as he had. Apparently he's was in some sort of snow collecting competition with Amy and Ant; at this point she could only tell them apart only because of the difference in height.

"I'd study the sand."

"Leeeeetletinyrocks," Amy agreed, a theatrically tiny voice echoing from under the living snowbank. There was a pause. "Wif fangs."

[insert more GT5 banter here, then...]

There was a satisfying whoosh as the gate opened, and their radios crackled to life.

"Gate Team 5 this is Atlantis, what's your situation?"

"The DHD's frozen solid, requesting a puddle jumper dial-out or a really big hair dryer, over."

"Copy that, one hair dryer on the way."


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